X (2022) Review


The Story

In 1979 a bunch of young filmmakers set out to rural Texas to film a porno film. They rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere from an old guy named Howard and his wife, Pearl.  Martin is the producer that rents the farm location and Mia, Brittany, and Kid are the films’ stars.  Jenna is handling the equipment behind the camera.  And yes, there is graphic nudity and sex.  The movie is about making porno film.  One of the first things you notice is that there is something odd about the old couple that own the farm, especially the old woman, Pearl.  Slowly, things become clear about the intentions of both of the farm owners, and it gets bloody violent.

The Review

X is entertaining slasher horror film.  But it isn’t enough to make it stand out against the countless other slasher films.  X is another horror film tribute to the iconic genre that made horror so popular in the first place.  But where X faults among the others is through using a rather familiar formula without any true unique purpose.  Throughout the film the characters often talk about an X factor, something that makes Mia Goth’s character special and star-worthy.  But unlike its mentioning, this film just doesn’t have that.

The acting is really good, I love the underrated Mia Goth as always, as well as Brittany Snow. Martin Henderson, and even Kid Cudi did a rather impressive job.  I did find out Mia Goth plays both Maxine character and creepy old lady, Pearl character.  There were multiple scenes in the movie where Maxine and Pearl interact, and they did a good job integrating both characters seamlessly.

The cinematography is fantastic and perfectly fits the atmosphere.  The music is enjoyable and tense.  Its pacing can be a bit slow at time, but I wasn’t distracted nor bored.  The special effects are good and there are enough gore and blood in the movie.  Its main problem lies solely in the story.  There wasn’t much story.  In the end, it’s not a bad watch.  It’s one of those watch movies that you’ll forget after you watch it once.  It just could have been more, especially given the talent involved, but ironically it settled for less.

In the Nutshell

X is entertaining slasher horror movie but nothing special about it.  X is Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets The Visit.  [3 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Slasher


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