47 Meters Down Review (2017)


47 Meters Down is another shark movie.

The Story

There aren’t much story.  Two sisters go on shady shark cage diving, and things go terribly wrong. They find themselves face to face with killer sharks and fighting for their lives.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

There are many sharks movies out there.  We recently reviewed shark movie called The Shallow which wasn’t so bad.  47 Meters Down isn’t bad either if you don’t have too much expectation.  I like the fact that the movie has bit of twist in the story towards the end.

Just like any other shark movie, the movie spend some time telling back story of the each character.  But I was glad that it didn’t spend too much time on character development.  The suspense starts right away.

Just like many other shark movies, the characters makes some big mistakes.  You never go out shark cage diving with some shady people. The boat is very old and it is looks like it is going to fall apart.  Also Mandy Moore character don’t have any diving experience.  But it’s just a movie.

I’m glad to see that the movie stick to the dive physic in the movie.  It talks about bends, nitrogen narcosis, and decompressing.  But there were some holes in the story, but I was able to easily over look.  For example, 47 meters is very deep.  It is about 150 ft.  Once in that depth, oxygen time is reduce to merely 10-15 mins. It is even shorter if you are panicking which they are.

Soon as the girls go in the water, the movie is completely shot under water and they walk through walk talkie.  After a while, it does get bit annoying to watch.

Like I mentioned before, I like the fact that movie didn’t just end.  It did have bit of twist in the story which I appreciated.

At the end, the movie isn’t really about the shark but two sisters struggle to help each other to survive.

In the Nutshell

47 Meters is another shark movie but it isn’t bad, if you don’t expect too much. I give 4 out of 5 stars.

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Genre:  Killer Shark

Rotten Tomato Rating: 54% / 39

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