Come Back to Me Review (2014) and Ending Explained


Come Back to Me is low-budget horror film with unique and disturbing story with surprise ending.

The Story

Sarah and Josh are married couple living in typical suburb neighborhood.  After a car accident, Sarah suffers blackouts.  She finds herself with blood all over her body but she doesn’t remember what had happened to her.  As her life spirals, she hides a camera in her home and unlocks a horrific secret with far-reaching consequences.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

I’ve watch thousands of horror films in my life and Come Back To Me is truly a unique, thoughtful, and disturbing film that really stands out.  But the movie does looks like cheesy Lifetime Channel afternoon movie.  But don’t let the low-budget quality discourage you.

Come Back to me is not a perfect film. The special effects were not phenomenal, but they were effective. Nobody is going to win any awards for this movie, acting or directing included.  And no one is going to have a nightmares after watching the film.  However, this movie works very well and it is very entertaining.

The movie starts out as typical stalker horror, but the movie is far from it.  The movie takes on surprise turn in the story towards the end.  I recommend watching the movie blind and enjoy the ride.  Don’t even watch the trailer.  The film is constructed to keep the audience guessing about what’s happening and what is going to happen next through its entire film. It’s rare that a director can pull the audience’s strings so effectively, over and over, without giving anything away. The logic of the film is satisfying, and it builds to a remarkably powerful conclusion that is both surprising and satisfying.

Actors are mostly unknown actors but the acting is decent.  One of the best parts of this movie is the performance by Nathan Keyes as Dale. Every time Dale was on screen, I felt somewhat uncomfortable. I was not in anyway intimidated by him, but he gives that very creepy vibe.

Most horror movies rely on bad decisions by the characters to drive the plot. Not this movie. The characters behave logically given their beliefs, and the plot is driven by their increasingly acute understanding of their situation. So the movie brings bit of realism to the story and make it more engaging.

If you like watching something that is a bit different than normal Hollywood horror, watch this movie.  Just watch it with a soupçon of curiosity and hopefully you will enjoy it like I did.

Ending Explained (Spoiler Warning!)

Come Back to Me setups as a typical creepy serial killer horror.  In the beginning, we all suspect that Dale is some how involved in Sarah’s nightmare.  That is not anything surprising, but we are not sure how and why.

Soon this typical serial killer horror turns into some kind of supernatural horror.  It turned out Dale character was born with special gift.  He is able to bring dead people to life by breathing on the dead person.  But this special gift turned out to be a curse for people around him as he starts to abuse this gift.  Because this gift, he discovered sick pleasure of murdering people without consequences.

It all started when Dale’s abusive father murdered his mother.  There he found out for the first time, he is able to bring dead people to life as he accidentally brought dead mother to life.  But his mother wasn’t the same afterwards.  She started to witness that his son is abusing his gift by kill girls and bring back to life.  He has been doing this for all of his life.  It just became his normal routine.  His mom tried to make him stop but she has no control over him as he continue to be empowered by his gift.

Soon Sarah decided to get to the bottom of this by setting up a hidden camera in her bedroom.  There she found out that Dale was raping her and killing her every night and bring back to life.  So she decided to set him up so she can finally kill him to end all this nightmare.

The final surprise ending of the movie is also very shocking.  When Sara finally killes Dale, everyone one who Dale murdered and brought to life throughout his life suddenly collapsed and died, this includes herself.  It turned out that he was able to bring dead people to live but only long as he was live. It is only temporary.

In the Nutshell

Overall, Come Back to Me is a surprisingly original and solid horror film. I highly recommend. [5 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Serial Killer

Rottentomatoes Rating: 17% | 36%

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