Escape Room Review (2017)


“Escape Room,” directed by Peter Dukes in 2017, is a film that capitalizes on the escape room craze that has swept across entertainment venues worldwide. The premise is simple yet intriguing: six friends enter an escape room to challenge their wits, only to find themselves in a deadly game of survival. This horror-thriller attempts to weave together the claustrophobic tension of confined spaces with the psychological terror of sinister puzzles.

The movie opens with promise, introducing us to a diverse group of characters, each with their own quirks and backstories. The setting is appropriately eerie, and the initial puzzles are engaging enough to pique the audience’s interest. However, as the film progresses, it becomes apparent that “Escape Room” struggles to maintain its momentum.

The acting performances are a mixed bag, with some characters delivering believable portrayals of fear and desperation, while others fall flat, failing to evoke empathy from the audience. This inconsistency in performance is a critical flaw, as the viewer’s investment in the characters’ fates is paramount in a film that hinges on tension and peril.

The plot, unfortunately, does not live up to the initial intrigue. The puzzles, which should be the centerpiece of the film, lack depth and creativity. They seem more like an afterthought rather than the driving force of the narrative. This oversight is a significant misstep for a movie that is supposed to celebrate the cleverness of escape rooms.

Moreover, the film’s resolution feels rushed and unsatisfying. The buildup leads to a climax that doesn’t deliver the payoff that the audience deserves. It leaves several questions unanswered and plot threads unresolved, which is frustrating for those who have invested time in unraveling the story’s mysteries.

In the Nutshell

“Escape Room” is a film that had the potential to be a standout in the horror-thriller genre but ultimately falls short due to underdeveloped characters, lackluster puzzles, and an unsatisfying ending. It serves as a reminder that a good concept needs equally good execution to make a memorable movie experience. For those seeking a film that fully realizes the potential of its premise, this may not be the first choice. However, for viewers looking for a casual horror flick to pass the time, “Escape Room” might still provide some entertainment, albeit with lowered expectations. I give 2 out of 5 stars. 

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