Panteon Woods (2015) Horror Movie Review


Panteon Woods, a 2015 thriller directed by Michael Ramova, delves into the realm of cryptozoology with a found-footage style that aims to captivate its audience. The film follows the story of Riley Rey, portrayed by Heather Jane Farr, who, along with her sister Rebecca, ventures into the depths of Panteon Woods in pursuit of the elusive Chanoc, a creature of local legend. Their journey, documented for Riley’s YouTube channel, takes a turn towards the mysterious and unknown, leading them to never return.

The movie’s attempt to blend the intrigue of cryptozoological exploration with the suspense of a thriller is an ambitious endeavor. The cast, including Joe DeBartolo and David Sanchez, delivers performances that align with the film’s B-movie charm. The use of the found-footage technique is a nod to the genre’s classics, yet it demands a level of realism that the film struggles to maintain consistently.

Despite its efforts, Panteon Woods falls short in transcending the tropes of its genre. The acting, at times, appears forced, detracting from the authenticity that found-footage films heavily rely on. The dialogue often feels stilted, which, coupled with the film’s pacing, occasionally disrupts the narrative flow.

However, it’s worth noting that Panteon Woods shows potential, particularly in its technical aspects. The camera work is clever, and the film manages to create a genuinely creepy atmosphere at moments, which fans of horror may appreciate. The final act of the movie presents a shift from horror to thriller, hinting at a deeper story that could have been further explored.

In conclusion, Panteon Woods is a film that might resonate with enthusiasts of the found-footage sub-genre and those with an interest in cryptozoology. While it may not offer a groundbreaking experience, it provides a glimpse into the passion of its creators for B-movie horror and the potential for what could have been a more polished cinematic piece. For those curious about this foray into the Panteon Woods, the film is a testament to indie filmmaking and the pursuit of bringing folklore to life on screen. I give 3 out of 5 stars.

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