Primal Rage Review (2018) and Ending Explained


Primal Rage is a big foot horror with a twist.

The Story

Ashley and Max Carr are married couple who found themselves lost in the forest of Pacific Northwest.  Soon they found themselves terrorized by a mysterious creature in the woods.  Hopelessly trying to survive, with a handful of unsavory locals, they must fight back against this monster in a desperate battle of life or death.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

Simple put, Primal Rage is about big foot.  There are quite a bit of big foot horror films already out there, but this one is bit different.  This big foot is not an ordinary big foot.

The movie starts out well.  The action and suspense start right away and we get to see the mysterious big foot create very early in the movie.  I am not sure if this is good thing or bad thing.  But the movie starts to drag in the middle of the movie in a point where I started to loose interest.  Luckily, towards the end, suspense and actions picks up.

The movie is consider low-budget but the special effects are surprisingly good.  There are lots of gore and blood in the movie and it looks very real.  The big foot monster didn’t look like a cheap monkey suite, but it was actually pretty convincing.

Unfortunately, the acting suffer a bit.  Husband and wife lead don’t really have any chemistry between them.  The acting from all the actors are below average to just average.  Specially, Andrew Joseph Montgomery who plays Max the husband, seems very stiff and unconvincing.  Upside is that the female lead played by Casey Gagliardi is very attractive actress and fair good job.

There is surprise ending, but it was predictable.  The movie ends in a cliff hanger as if there is going to be sequel.  I am not sure if there is going to be sequel or not, but I am not sure if I am interested in seeing what happens next.

Ending Explained (Spoiler Alert!)

Primal Rage is about a big foot.  Mystery of big foot is revealed early in the movie.  What so different about this big foot is that it is very smart, and its sole purpose is to hunt and kill people. It uses weapons to kill. Also it is able to camouflage itself to hide within the forest.  This supercharged big foot remind me so much of The Predator.

Luckily, the movie does explain little bit about this supercharged big foot.  It has to do with some kid of Indian curse.  Basically, it is a big foot possessed by angry Indian warriors.

The two main characters are husband and wife who have bit of love and hate relationship.  The husband just got out of jail and the wife was there pick him up.  On the way home, they encountered the big foot.

We are introduced to group of rowdy locals hunters.  The couple joined the local hunters to get to the safe place.  But obviously, they encountered the big foot and it turned into a big gun shoot out.  Eventually, they get all slaughters by the big foot.

The husband and the wife were able to survive.  The husband was injured during the shoot out.  The big foot could easily kill him but he didn’t.  It’s not clear why big foot didn’t kill the husband.  Perhaps, the big foot is in love with the wife, and when the wife ask him not to kill him, the big foot honor her request? The big foot eventually kidnap the wife back to the cave where he lives.

We are also introduced to witch like character who ended up saving the husband in the woods.  We are not so sure who this scary looking witch lady is.  She appears to have some connection with local Indians.

Together with the local sheriff, the husband went out to look for the wife in the forest.  The sheriff also plays big part in the movie.  He seems to understand the mystery of big foot. Too bad he died towards the end.

At the end, there is big battle between the husband and the big foot.  The big foot can easily kill him but some how it seems to just toys him around until it gets killed the by the husband.  This battle has so much similar with the second Predator movie with Danny Glover.

There is surprise ending. The surprising ending is that this isn’t the only big foot out in the woods. There are many other big foots that are out there who are hunting human to kill.

In the Nutshell

If you are a big foot fan, you might want to check it out.  Primal Rage doesn’t really stand out from other big foot movies, but it isn’t terrible. [3 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Big Foot

Rotten Tomato Rating: — / 54%

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  1. “The big foot could easily kill him but he didn’t. It’s not clear why big foot didn’t kill the husband. ”
    The Sheriff explained that the bigfoot was basically showboating in front of the woman.

  2. The ending literally made no sense. The whole Indian theme was interesting but the way they took it was so awful. I’d give it 2/5 or 2.5 at the very most.

  3. As far as current horror movies this one was not that bad! The Bigfoot special effects, I thought, were quite realistic. Some of the acting was stiff but overall I thought the movie was pretty good! The main vie was nowhere as bad as movies like, plan 9 from outer space. Now that was a terrible movie. If they make a Primal Rage 2 I hope they pickup from the first one. I would a second movie of this title. I rate this movie four stars out of five.

  4. The Bigfoot tore off the woman’s shirt in the cave and made it look like he was raping her.. Really??? Did they really have to include a scene like this in an already pretty good movie to begin with??? Just saying..

    1. A bit rapey, yeah. Great effects. Best Bigfoot Ive seen but between the hillbillys and the cave seen …..and the bad acting husband this movie will fall into a pile of..what was that movie called again File.

    2. Honestly we dint even know that’s what he was doing, not only that but there are several other movies that contain worse scenes that actually contain that kind if act.

  5. If these creatures were possessed by fallen Chiefs …
    Then they would still want women…

  6. The Husband did not bother to ask “ Who is the scary witch on your porch”””. The acting by the husband was dull! Okay,,so ,,as many others we see the potential rape scene “” I was thinking ,,okay. Husband kills the Bigfoot catches up with the wife to find that she later delivers a half human Bigfoot “” the legend lives on” lol,,but No! Many other bigfoots pop up ,,and Btw at the end of the credits said witch begins laughing “” showing that she planned the whole thing”” she tricked the Indians? & she cured the husband just so he could die along with everyone else, ,,,””except the girl who is “”Carrying her own CareBear””” ! Haha.

  7. The effects of injuries on the humans were surprisingly good, but the Bigfoot looked ridiculous- what the heck was it doing with it’s upper lip?! I understand the lip curling to show big teeth as a sign of aggression, but the thing flipped it’s lip up like we used to turn our eyelids inside out to freak out teachers lol. It was like the Bigfoot costume was started by someone who understood anatomy, then finished by someone who has never seen a primate (or any other live animal) before.
    I was disappointed that they didn’t take advantage of the fact that the actor who plays the husband had actually lost his foot. When he got his foot caught in the bear trap, I was sure he was going to cut his foot off and start hopping to get away- it was such a wasted opportunity.

  8. Not a bad big foot movie but come on. In real life this big ass thing would have been blasted to bits before it killed the second hunter. I know when I’m out in the woods in the middle of nowhere I’m ready to blast anything that even sounds scary. Another thing is if there are all these other big foots out there why would it need a human woman? Then finally why would the husband just go back out there with one old guy? Anyone would have rounded up an army to go back and make sure this thing dies.

    1. No surprise – I’ll tell you why there isn’t and won’t likely be one. Simple, really.
      It cost $ to make this movie, and while it may have been a lucky crowd source by horror and bigfoot film fans who probably read a really slick synopsis of the story to part with thier currency, after the finished product is out for sonsumption folks might not be convinced to part ways with thier hard earned dough.

      The film maker most likely got lucky and got sourced by writing a clever syniopsis and story outline. Maybe he studied reviews of other Bigfoot movies and wrote up a synopsis that was every Bigfoot movie fans wet dream. I’m sure what came out of it (no pun intended there) was not the stuff of wet dreams but of the Irish slip in the morning.

  9. I thought the Bigfoot might be interested in the woman sexually when it smelled her urine. Perhaps it can sense she is in estrus like with other mammals. More of a mating thing rather than desire.

  10. Solid flick that went a little sideways half way through. Agree the “rape” scene was over the top and not quite enough explained as to the witch and the Indians.

    I’m ready for “Primal Rage 2: The Offspring” however.

  11. This Movie is about the wife & husband and The Possessed Bigfoot so I read all the comments and some of were confused some were frustrated and some was just not interested but I know one thing that this movie is not Bad as you guys think, 1.I Think that Movie is 100% interesting. 2. I doubt that the movie is bad because it made total sense I mean how did the Wife and Husband got lost in the first place, well let me give you Guys a Hint Bigfoot is a Possessed Angry WARRIOR And Hunt Out For Human Beings Its Not No Ordinary Bigfoot If Guys Suspected It Was, Then YOU GUYS DON’T HAVE A SINGLE CLUE ABOUT THIS MOVIE AT ALL! 3. First of All Bigfoot was not “in Love” If You Guys Thought It Was, Then Your 100% Retarded, The Bigfoot Was Not in Love with Wife It Was Torching Her And Abusing Her And What I Mean By “Abusing Her” I Mean It Was Trying To Rip Her Head Off Not RAPING HER BECAUSE HER UNDERWEAR WAS STILL ON If You Didn’t See It, GO RE-WATCH THE SCENE SHE HAS ON PANTIES STILL ON THE PICTURE, So That Means There Is No Raping Scene In Primal Rage RETARDS! 4. I believe there is going to be a sequel saying Primal Rage: Wrath Of Beasts or Primal Rage number 2 If its a simple Title I don’t know, But I do know and believe there is going to a Part 2 About This Movie I just hope that no one else disagree about this movie because if it is then Damn You Guys Really Are Ignorant As HELL No Cap At All, So Please Respect The Movie And Stop Complaining This Is Not Just For You Its For All Of Us And I Bet 99.8% People Are Interested In This Movie Than You Guys!!! So there you go this comment is a come back from Primal Rage’s Biggest Fan To You Arrogant’s of Primal Rage! and this is my ending of a word for all of you.. FUCK YOU. Bye-Bye. *hating ass bitches*

  12. Actually not that bad of a movie. The effects,location were above average. The husband character was horrible in the acting dept., but everyone else was ok. The movie did get a little lost and boring at the half way point, but picked back up for a decent ending that could easily lead to a sequel. Its definately worth watching.

  13. I guess you’ve never seen a Mandrel. Check them out and you’ll understand exactly why the Bigfoot lip curls that way. They took the look of the monster from them.

  14. The female creature is Duskyea woman or Tsonnaqua, my spelling stinks. She’s a real mythical critter. And in some stories sasquatch dies rape women. Duskyea woman eats children and kidnaps bad kids putting them in her basket. The lore is a little scrambled but still there.

  15. First off if she was rape by Bigfoot in the movie. He would have injured her by the size of his junk and she would not been running around afterwards. Unless his junk was very small. LOL. Overall the movie was decent.

  16. A bit rapey, yeah. Great effects. Best Bigfoot Ive seen but between the hillbillys and the cave seen …..and the bad acting husband this movie will fall into a pile of..what was that movie called again File.

    1. She wasn’t raped, if she was being raped she would have been screaming in pain, crying. I’m sure Bigfoot has a big dick and that would hurt like hell.

  17. Well, if he didnt
    rape her, he was leading up to it for sure. Good movie. I think they borrowed a bit from Predator but it wasn’t bad. I give it a four out of five because of the approach taken portraying the Sasquatch with human like qualities. I know it was supposed to be possessed by angry Native American warriors but I liked the approach.


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