House Hunting Review (2013)


This low budget horror film has so much potential, but it didn’t deliver. I feel like the director got little lazy at the end and didn’t tie up all the loose ends.

The Story

The story about this two families who are looking for new home. They some how stumbled into this open house out in nowhere, and it turned out that they cannot leave the house. Every time they drive out of the house, they run in circle and they keep end up at the same house. Meanwhile, they see ghost in the house. While these two families are trying to figure out what is going on, they ended up fighting with each other.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

So there are many things that were happening in the movie.  There is some kind of time loop that is going on.  A haunted house where they are experiencing strange things.  Feud between these two families who are blaming each other for the nightmare they are facing. A strange girl they found wondering in the forest. And there is the strange realtor who come and go throughout the movie.

The movie does have surprise ending and I like how they end the movie. But overall the story really don’t make sense. There are many loose ends that they don’t explain. The movie fails to connect all these elements that is happening in the movie. It’s too bad because this can be very good movie.

Acting and Directing

The movie is written and directed by Eric Hurt.  He is know directing many TV shows.

The acting is fair. The lead actor is verteran actor Marc Singer and Art LaFleur who have done many big movies and TV shows. The rest of the casts include Hayley DuMond, Janey Gioiosa, Paul McGill, Rebekah Kennedy, Victoria Vance, Jon Cobb, and Emma Rayne Lyle.

In the Nutshell

I give 2 out of 5 stars (Got potential but failed)

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Genre: Haunted House / Suspense Thriller

Rotten Tomato Rating: — / 29%

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