The House on Pine Street (2015) Horror Movie Review


“The House on Pine Street” is a film that delves into the psychological depths of its protagonist, Jennifer, played with a compelling vulnerability by Emily Goss. The movie, directed by Aaron and Austin Keeling, takes the audience on a journey through the unsettling experiences of a young woman grappling with an unwanted pregnancy after moving into a seemingly haunted house.

The narrative unfolds in a suburban Kansas setting, where Jennifer and her husband Luke, portrayed by Taylor Bottles, seek a fresh start. However, the house they move into carries a disquieting atmosphere, which is accentuated by the film’s refusal to indulge in the typical clich├ęs of the haunted house genre. Instead, it opts for a more subdued approach, focusing on the psychological impact of the haunting on Jennifer.

The film’s pacing is deliberate, allowing the tension to build gradually. This slow burn may not cater to those seeking immediate scares, but it effectively creates a creeping sense of dread that lingers with the viewer. The Keeling brothers have crafted a narrative that keeps the audience questioning the reality of the events, blurring the lines between the supernatural and the psychological.

The performances are solid across the board, with the cast skillfully navigating the script’s demands without overplaying their roles. The potential malevolence or insanity of the characters is subtly suggested, leaving room for interpretation and adding to the film’s overall eerie ambiance.

The production design deserves a special mention for its authenticity. Shot in an actual house from 1840, which reportedly has its own ghostly lore, the setting contributes significantly to the film’s atmosphere without resorting to overtly spooky elements.

While “The House on Pine Street” may not satisfy those in search of conventional horror thrills, it stands out for its atmospheric tension and psychological intrigue. The film’s twists, although arriving late, provide a satisfying conclusion to the haunting tale. It’s a movie that may not appeal to all horror aficionados, but for those who appreciate a more cerebral approach to the genre, it’s a commendable effort that deserves attention.

In the Nutshell

In conclusion, “The House on Pine Street” is a well-crafted psychological horror that offers a refreshing take on the haunted house narrative. It’s a film that rewards patience and contemplation, leaving a lasting impression with its subtle scares and thought-provoking themes. I give 3 out of 5 stars

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