Maniac Review (2013)


Maniac is serial killer movie by French company and French director, Franck Khalfoun. It is remake of 1980 movie with same name. I haven’t seen the original movie so I can’t really compare with the original.  But what so different about this serial killer is that is it done is first-person perspective.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

The movie trying to bring the audience in serial killer’s mind and let them see why he does what he does. First person perspective is very difficult to do but I think the director Frank khalfoun did the pretty good job telling story through eyes of the serial killer.  The movie is not all first person perspective.  There are few scenes where camera came out of first person perspective to tell the story.

Elijah wood does god job playing the serial killer.  Throughout the movie he has flash back from his childhood which tells the story on how he became a serial killer.  He also has infatuation with manikins and human hair, which makes the movie very creepy.

Acting by all the actors are top notch and the akward relationship developing between Elija Wood character and his love interesting, Nora Arnezede are very convincing.

Maniac does have lots of blood and gore.  There is one scene where he scrapes skin off the hairline while the victim is alive and it is pretty horrifying.  The gore special effect is top notch.

I liked how the movie end. I won’t get away the detail, but it is satisfying ending.


The rest of the casts include Nora Arnezede who plays the romantic interest, Brian Ames, America Olivo,  Genevieve Alexandra, Liane Balaban, Jan Broberg, and Aaron Colom.

In the Nutshell

I gave it 4 stars out of 5 (Not perfect but good enough to enjoy).

Maniac is available in Hulu. I recommend this movie.

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Genre: Serial-Killer

Rotten Tomato Rating: 49% / 44%

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