Room For Rent (2019) Review and Ending Explained


Room For Rent isn’t really a horror but if you are a fan of Lin Shaye, you might enjoy this bizarre twisted drama.

The Story

Lonely widow Joyce rents out a room in her house and becomes dangerously obsessed with one of her mysterious guest.

The Review (Spoiler Free)

I really enjoyed this strange, sad, laughable, and twisted film. It has a lot of the truisms of life embedded in it.  Room For Rent isn’t a horror but it is still very entertainning.  It does have bit of bizarre Hitchcock-ish feel to the movie.

Room For Rent is pretty much center around Joyce character.  Lin Shaye is excellent in this role, making you feel empathy for her character even when she is going down the darkest of paths. A great performance that is frail but fearsome . Unpredictably manipulative , but still making you want to root for her in some fashion.

The main character Joyce played by Lin Shaye is loney widow but with dark side.  The movie slowly reveal her complicated and dark personalities, and towards end, we have some idea who Joyce really is.

The story is well written and the casts give great performances. But the movie does have bit of ‘Lifetime’ after dark TV movie feel to it and the pace is very slow and mundane even for a drama.  That being said, performance of Lin Shaye makes the movie very entertainning.

The ending is bit of anticlimactic.  Some may be confused about the ending.  But if you pay attention to the Joyce character, you know exactly what is going on at the end of the movie.

Room For Rent will please Lin Shaye fans.  As always, her acting is queen.  If you are a horror fans, this one might be disappointing.  But all the makings for a good movie are here, its just they came together as a dark drama and not a real horror movie.

Ending Explained (Spoiler Warning!)

The movie starts with death of Joyce’s long husband.  We don’t know much about her husband and how he died.  But she seems to be very sad by death of her husband and she seems lost.

In the beginning Joyce characters appears to be very verniable and weak charactter.  But as the movie progress, we are slowly revealed the very complicated and dark side of Joyce’s character.  And towards the end, we get some idea who this character really is.

We know that Joyce was in a marriage with very stubborn and difficult man for very long time and she was in very unhappy marriage.  I am sure over time, she felt she has been wasting her life with her husband.  So when her husband died, she decided to make up for life that she never had.  We don’t know how the husband died but towards the end, we get the sense that she probably have finally decided to kill her husband by faking an accident.

AFte her husband died, she realized that her husband was broke and she had no money, so she got the idea of starting a Bed and Breakfast business from her home.

I am sure Joyce was also lonely woman, so when Sarah came along, she was happy to make a new friend.  but when she first met her, she was with an stubborn boyfriend who she reminded me of her late-husband.  Soon we found out that Sarah broke up with him.  it is it possible that Joyce has something to do with her breaking up with her boyfriend.

When the mysteirous man rented the room, things got interesting.  Joyce got obsessed with him.  He was the outlet of romanceless marriage she has with her husband for a long time.  BUt when she found out he got Sarah pregnant, she finally had plan to kill everyone.  Well, except for her baby.

In the last scene, when Joyce went to vacation and left the entire house to Sarah, she discovered the mysterious locked room.  It turned out that this mysterious locked room was her baby’s room.  So Joyce’s plan was to come back 9 months later after Sarah has her baby.  Then kill Sarah, take her baby, and raise her as her own since she never had her own baby.  We learned earlier in the movie that she always wanted have her own baby.  In fact, she was once pregnant, but when her husband found out, he was furious  So he made her “get rid” of it.

In the Nutshell

Overall, Room For Rent isn’t a horror but if you are a fan of Lin Shaye, she is fantastic in this movie. [4 out of 5 stars]

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Genre: Horror Drama

Rottentomatoes Rating: 82% | 38%

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