Kristy Review (2014)


The Review (Spoiler Free)

If you are looking for a horror worth watching in Netflix, check out movie called Kristy.

The story is about a college girl name Justine (not Kristy). She ended up staying alone at small college over Thanksgiving holiday, and a some kind of group of zealot tries to kill her.

Kristy doesn’t really reveal who these zealots are and what is their motivation. It has some kind of religious overtone to it, but I don’t think it is important anyway.

There isn’t much a story but the movie is none-stop thrill ride and suspense. The movie is not perfect.  It has its share of plot holes and some unrealistic situations, but it doesn’t distract you from the movie and all the suspense ride.

Acting and Directing

Justine is played by Haley Bennett and she did pretty good job. The rest of the casts includ Ashley Greene, Lucas Till, Erica Ash, James Ransone, Mathew St. Patrick, and Al Vicente.

The movie is directed by Oliver Blackburn whos not really well known.  The movie is writen by Anthony Jaswinski who is also known for blockbuster hit, Shallow.  Check out my review of the movie Shallow.

In the Nutshell

I give 4 out of 5 stars (Not perfect but good enough to enjoy)

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Genre:  Slasher

Rotten Tomato Rating: — / 43%

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