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Lights Out Review (2016)


  Finally get to see Lights Out. I was excited about movie because I really loved the short film.  Those who don’t know, this movie is based on 2 minuet short Youtube film by David Sandberg. The Review (Spoiler Free) This is fun movie to watch. Obviously original 2 minuets short film don’t really have a story, so they have to…
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Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension Review (2015)


  The Review (Spoiler Free) I finally watched Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension. Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension is the sixth installment in the Paranormal Activity series.  I’ve seen all six installment of Paranormal Activity series but except for the first Paranormal Activity, I just don’t remember all the characters and the story lines.  This gets problematic when all the…
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